Painter/Artist |Kenichi Yamada

About Kenichi yamada

山田けんいち 田中伸明

Kenichi yamada is an artist based in Tokyo Japan. 
In my paintings I portray animals, flowers, and dining tables, and a sense of everyday happiness in fun colors.

About work

Kenichi Yamada’s works overflow with a sense of everyday happiness.
Many animals make an appearance in them.
They put on innocent faces,
they get up to mischief,
they beg for treats,
and they come up to talk happily to you,
bringing joy to everyday scenes.
Trees and flowers decorate their surroundings with lively color.
Cakes, candy, and fruits and vegetables call out to you, “Doesn’t this look tasty? Take a bite.”
Playing with animals,
admiring plants,
and eating delicious food,
you go through life appreciating everyday things.
Occasionally, to expand the fantasy,
you have a picnic with animals or play together in the river.
You decide to go out some little distance to a forest or riverside or someplace that feels nice.
Coming and going freely between fantasy and the everyday,
I express that feeling of happiness in my paintings.
I try out many different colors, painting them over each other, until I find the one that fits perfectly.
I pack a lot of happiness in between bright candy colors and pastel colors.
That time spent playing with color is fun.
It is the artist’s dream to share with many other people a sense of happiness and joy of living through playing with color


Born in Chiba Japan
After graduating from the department of architecture at the university,
he studied painting at the Setsu mode seminar in Tokyo.
Began announcing works from 2006 .

Solo exhibition / group exhibition
2006, 2008 | Gallery Port (tokyo ginza)|Solo Exhibition
2011ー2013 |Gallery Goto (tokyo ginza)| solo exhibition Other group exhibitions
2010 | Gallery Miyasaka (tokyo ginza) | Solo Exhibition
2012 |Gallery Miyasaka (tokyo ginza)| Solo Exhibition
2014 | Gallery Miyasaka (tokyo ginza) |Solo Exhibition
2017 | Gallery Miyasaka (tokyo ginza)|Solo Exhibition
2019 | Gallery Miyasaka (tokyo ginza)|Solo Exhibition

2010 | Contemporary Japanese Art Awards Contemporary Japanese Art Special Prize
2012 | Matsuyama garden museum “cat exhibition 2012” won Donation
2012 | Hokkaido tokorogun oketo town  oketo popo Picture Gallery

2012 | Yamada Kenichi Works vol.1 vol.1 ♡ Pu Fu ~n ♡